Student Spotlights

Featured Student Spotlight: Elizabeth Pischel

Marshfield, WI
2nd Year Student, 2016-2017

1) Why did you decide to attend the Training Program?

When I was younger, I often had an Alonzo King LINES Ballet calendar hanging in my room. I loved every single image in those calendars. I could see the motion and organic energy flowing in each position of every dancer even though it was just a picture. I knew I wanted to be part of what was going on in those images. After attending two of Line’s summer intensives, I knew I had to train there. Their emphasis on individual growth, discovery and creativity appealed to my aspiration for artistic depth. Also, their incorporation of Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis into all styles of dance really helped my technique to become longer, stronger, and more efficient. I knew I wanted to continue with that growth.

2) Has the program met your expectations thus far?

Yes. It has even exceeded my expectations. I have grown immensely as a dancer, an artist, and a person. The program challenged me to break down barriers I didn’t even know I had and go into a new place of exploration. It exposed me to so many concepts, styles, and designs of dance making me much more diverse and versatile. I feel like an open book waiting for even more pages to be filled.

3) What about the program has surprised you or differed from your expectations?

I had come to the program to condition my ballet technique into a longer and more organic form. I also wanted to better develop my artistry. But I didn’t truly understand what all of that meant. I didn’t understand how much can go into each thought, each plié. I have learned to self-investigate, to explore beyond what is shown, to go from imitating to being. I no longer look at dance as shapes and steps but as a stream of consciousness coming from a place of tenderness and love.

4) Do you feel like you have grown or seen a change in your dancing after your first year in the program? If so, how?

Yes. I have changed from just doing a step because I was told this is how you do it to doing a step because I know where it starts from, why it’s there, and what can happen from it. I have learned to attack ballet and all styles of dance with a true investigation behind each movement. I have developed a deeper vocabulary which now allows me to go to many different places of presence with whatever work I’m doing. I have also learned that I don’t have to always dance as a dancer, but I can also dance as a human being, as a person experiencing something. I now know that it isn’t always about the steps and the counts but it's your experience in that moment that is the real dance.

5) What is one lesson you have learned that you will keep with you as you dance in the future?

One of the most important lessons I have learned being at LINES is to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Don’t be afraid of something new and unfamiliar. Don’t be annoyed with yourself for not being perfect at a new idea. I have learned to remain open, be susceptible to any style or concept, even if it makes me uncomfortable. That discomfort now liberates me to go further into the movement realize what the movement is bringing to me as a person; how it’s changing me and how it’s influencing my knowledge.

6) What are your aspirations for after your completion of the Training Program?

I wish to continue dancing as a professional after the training program. I want to explore more of my own voice within performing and as a choreographer, developing my own message for the world. I want to continue pushing myself to experience new things, see new places. Through my dancing, I want to bring people to places that they can’t find in their everyday life; pull them with me into something that can’t be described in words. I hope to be performing with a company either here in the US or overseas. I know that I need to continue what I’m doing now and share it with everyone that I possibly can.

Photo: courtesy of Elizabeth Pischel

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Rossi Lamont Walter
Second Year, 2016-2017
"Notice when you need to let the day of dancing go, with all it's mistakes or frustrations. Learn to revel in the moments of courage, personal beauty and exhaustion. Take everything, but pick one and then investigate it. Guard your love of dancing with your life. Dance without ego."
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Asha Benjelloun
Second Year, 2015-2016
"Before this program, I was dancing for the wrong reasons. When I started absorbing the information that the AMAZING faculty had been giving me, I was no longer just scratching the surface but was able to dig deeper into what was present."
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Darlyn Perez
Second Year, 2015-2016
"After my first year in this program I feel like a new dancer, person and friend. I changed in ways I never thought I would, in quality, responsibilities, bravery, and confidence."
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Madison Otto
Second Year, 2015-2016
"The ballet classes are challenging but so different from what I was used to at home, which really pushed me in ways I didn’t know were there. I expected to get stronger, and I did, not only physically but mentally."
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Brandi Pinnix
Second Year, 2014-2015
"This program has met every expectation and more. LINES really pushed me beyond my limits. The teachers saw my potential and knew that I had a lot more inside of me that I could use to grow and develop as a dancer. Sometimes you have to put yourself in place where you feel uncomfortable to realize you have something unique to offer."
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Patricia Viera
Second Year, 2014-2015
"When I first started with the idea of entering a training program, I found LBTP and it seemed to me to be the perfect program for my artistic needs; this program combines classical technique with contemporary, which is very important now a days in the professional field."
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Hannah Weeks
Second Year, 2013-2014
"I do feel that my dancing has changed. This change can be attributed to a shift in my mentality. I now understand better the futility and worthlessness of pursuing the ideal of perfection."
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Mari Kai Juras
Second Year, 2013-2014
"I rediscovered that love and reason for dancing. Here at LINES, I found what I had not yet reached both in dancing and in myself. I am a dancer because I am."
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Marissa Wong
Second Year, 2013-2014
"LINES is the only place I have been where everyone, yes everyone, is on the same cohesive track. Each class connects and you don't realize the transformation until you have time off to reflect."
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